« There is no wealth but life. »

John Ruskin

agroforestry | grass farming | no-till

We take a regenerative approach to the art of living. The farm is our humble attempt to infuse art into (our) daily life, or perhaps it is our futile attempt at transforming our daily life into art!

In short, the farm as a productive unit aspires to be « regenerative » by which we simply mean we farm in such a way that regenerates the life that is the basis of the farm. The simplest metric we have found to measure our success or lack there-of is biodiversity.

If we are farming regeneratively then the biodiversity of the flora and fauna in the soil, growing out of the soil, walking on the soil, flying above the soil and percolating through the soil will continually increase.

We can know if we are following the right path when regeneration is an emergent property of life on the farm.

Life generates life.

Thats all we really have to remember. Its really that simple. And that profound. Its a process that is both complex and intuitive, and always, everywhere, needs time as the first and only essential ingredient. Love and care help too. Alot.